A Permissible work was prepared for them

Mar 09 2024
A Permissible work was prepared for them

They had a difficult life and they had no money.
  At that time the idea of buying and selling  wasn't available so they could have a comfortable life by selling some products.
  The evil ones offered them many temptations that made them accept them and they started doing illegal things.
The hajj didn’t stand watching and not doing anything, he sat and thought about a way to prevent the Bedouin men from falling into the evil’s trap or their cunning and their temptations.
Many of these young men were deserter soldiers and because they did not have an end-of-service card, and it’s the reason most of them had no job so they were forced to work with outlaws.
Then this decision came: Those who deserted service could come back and work for the military, and they would stay in their areas, and they would also get salaries.
Also many of them had wives and children and this was for their own good. They would serve and earn money beside their wives and move on in their lives.
After they get the ID card, they can get the driver license, or go to work somewhere, or have a commercial license and do freelance work so they earn a halal living.
   And many of these Bedouin soldiers, who could write and read were recruited into the police force

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