Imam Khomeini vanquished fear in Iranian society

Nov 22 2022
The Imam [Khomeini] was fully conscious of the developments of the time. At that time, when everyone insisted on Taqiya, the Imam roared, “Today, Taqiya is forbidden.” This was at dark times when no one believed in the Shah’s collapse or even dared to envision it. When the Ulema wrote to the Shah asking that he urge the government to cease its destructive actions. Shah’s disparaging reply was: “We wish you success in directing the masses!” The Imam took his pen, which, like Imam Ali’s remarks, was scathing and sharp, and wrote to the Shah, “You who command the Ulema to guide the commons, I advise you and your government,that you are yourself a common man.” meaning The late Imam Khomeini had a consummate skill at striking the right moment. He understood that if he gave the Shah a chance, nothing would remain of Islam, religion, Iran, and human values. When a notable man asked the Imam, “Why do you want to rise up? Your power is nothing compared to that of the Shah. Are you going to kill these young people? “They shall be martyred in the service of God,” declared the Imam. Again, the man reiterated his question. The Imam firmly responded, “I will not abandon Islam even if they forbid me from going anywhere in the world.” In fact, the Imam first slapped the “fear” in the face. Imam Khomeini eliminated fear in religious seminaries and among their pupils, ultimately eradicating it from society. The Imam raged fiercely and loudly when it was a frightening endeavour to read his statements. He had unwavering faith in God on the first day of the uprising when he was unaided. Later, when the entire Iranian society and the world’s free nations rallied behind him, the Imam once again attributed all of his accomplishments to God. His steadfast faith in God was the key to his victory.((Haj Qasem Soleimani’s remarks during the 22 Bahman celebrations in Kerman in 2018 ))Source: Brother Qasem, Mehravan-Far, Abuzar, 1399, P52.

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