Violating Washington-Baghdad Agreemen

Feb 28 2024
Violating Washington-Baghdad Agreemen
Washington-Baghdad Agreement:
The 2009 agreement between the governments of Iraq and the United States highlights certain provisions that have been violated through the assassination of General Soleimani. Paragraph 5 of Article IV, as well as paragraph 1 of Article XXVII, unequivocally prohibit the United States government from using Iraqi territory to wage attacks on third countries. In light of these breaches, the Iraqi government has the right to invoke the United Nations General Assembly's 1974 resolution on the definition of aggression. This resolution inter- prets the actions of the United States in targeting both Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces commanders and senior Iranian military officials as clear examples of aggressive actions in direct violation of previous agreements. Consequently, this provides Baghdad with the chance to formulate a suitable response in order to address these violations.

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