Thank Allah for

Apr 13 2024
Thank Allah for
Thank Allah for...


Mahdie Mozafari

Maybe now we will delve deeper into what is happening in Gaza, because this tragedy occurred in our own country. 89 loved ones were lost in a tragic event that unfolded within half an hour. They were killed on Black Wednesday in Kerman. But they left behind grieving families, including the family of Soltanijad, who lost 9 dear ones. Three men lost their lives, but their families were left to mourn; there were still many of them...

We had time to assist the wounded, and no one was left trapped under the rubble.
That same night, the area was evacuated and a flood of enthusiastic and martyr-seeking people filled Kerman's Martyrs Gulzar and its surroundings.
On the second day, we received accurate and detailed statistics of the martyrs and the injured. There were no more unidentified individuals. Five hospitals were prepared, and all the injured were treated swiftly and diligently. The hospitals were secure, with no enemy tanks lurking behind the walls. The martyrs' bodies were respectfully separated and identified. There was no action that would desecrate the sacred lives of the martyrs. They were placed in the morgue.

With utmost respect, they were shrouded, placed in coffins one by one, and adorned with the tricolor flag of our country. We even had time to print the names of the martyrs and affix them to the coffins. There was no need to inscribe the names of the martyrs on the shrouds, engrave them on the holy graves with mosaic, or even write their names on our children's palms with tears before heading to Golzar. The graves were dug one by one. We didn't wait for another bomb to detonate, another missile to strike, or the next attack to occur. We laid our martyrs to rest in peace. They were buried with care, following the appropriate rites. Each burial was accompanied by recitations. It was believed that a father should kiss his child before burial and mourn for a long time. When it was the women's turn, a cloth was placed over the grave to shield the holy bodies of the martyrs from prying eyes or cameras. We didn't wait for the day when the cemetery would be ravaged by enemy missiles and our loved ones' bodies would be desecrated.

teacher martyr Student from Tehran was buried with multiple prayers offered. Her final wish to visit the 8th Imam was fulfilled, and a large crowd accompanied her to her eternal resting place. We held a commemoration ceremony...
For all of this, thanks to Allah.
This is Iran, our land, our homeland. Despite the bloodshed, we found solace in mourning our loved ones peacefully. Aman from Gaza, Aman from Palestine.

La Youma Ka Youmik Ya Aba Abdillah

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