rizq la yahtasib

Apr 30 2024
rizq la yahtasib
rizq la yahtasib

To shop, my sister and I went to the street. It was getting dark. After walking for a few minutes, I spotted a fruit shop in the distance and told my sister, "Let's shop here; I can't walk anymore."
We entered the fruit shop and found it empty except for a veiled lady. I removed the plastic covering the fruits and began cutting them. The face of a man in a car parked in front of the shop caught my attention. I studied his face closely, feeling like I recognized him, but couldn't place him. Lost in thought, my sister tapped my hand and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you distracted?"
I replied, "Look at that car. Doesn't his face look familiar to you?" She examined him carefully and after a few moments, turned to me, saying, "He looks a lot like General Soleimani. Maybe it's him."
I chuckled and remarked, "Sister, you're too simple! General Soleimani travels with bodyguards and a bulletproof car."
My sister insisted, "But the resemblance is uncanny. How can we ask him?"
We approached the car, and I held my sister's hand, suggesting, "Do you want to approach him with that hijab? Adjust your scarf; it might really be him."

We adjusted our hijabs and stood by the car. We tapped on the car window with our fingers. General looked up, rolled down the window, and I nervously asked, "Are you General Soleimani?"
He smiled and confirmed, "Hello. Yes, I am Soleimani."
After a brief pause, we requested a souvenir from General. He pulled out a rosary from his pocket and handed it to me. We bid farewell to them, and a little later, it became the rosary of our dispute. Samane insisted it was for her, and I hesitated to give it to her. General lowered the window again and suggested, "Take this ring too, so you won't argue."
We approached them and accepted the ring. The ring was for me, and the rosary was for my sister. We said goodbye to the beloved leader and returned to the fruit shop. Grateful for the sustenance God provided us.

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