Malik Zaman

Apr 30 2024
Malik Zaman
Malik Zaman

He goes to Isfahan with a normal flight and enters the public hall. The same guards were there. We saw Haj Qasem once. He sat down in the corner of the airport on the carpet and said, "I'm very tired, I'll sleep here for 5 minutes."

We replied, "Commander! There is a carpet and a sofa in our room." He lay down on the carpet and woke up after 5 minutes. We offered to have dinner for him. "What's for dinner?" he asked. We said, "pasta." He replied, "Bring the same, let's eat together."

The Fatemiyoun exclaimed, "We once saw Haj Qasem enter our trenches. He was friendly with everyone. We wondered where he wanted to have lunch and sleep. We saw him sleeping on the same trench as we do, and eating the same food we eat."

The other guys added, "Haj Qasem visited us. We served him better food. 'Do you give this food to the warriors?' he asked. We said, 'No, they have different food.' He requested, 'Bring me the food you give to the warriors.'".

Shirazi, Ali. "Haj Ghasemi that I know" by Saeed Alamian. Khat Moghadam Publishing House, Qom, 37th edition, 1400, p. 123.

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