Martyr General Soleimani: Defender of Islamic Honour

Nov 19 2022
 Martyr General Soleimani: Defender of Islamic Honour

Returning to political Islam is seen as the only way to overcome today’s challenges. As a result, the major objective now must be to rebuild Islamic communities following genuine Islam, as Martyr Soleimani accomplished so successfully. Haj Qasem Soleimani’s school is distinct from other intellectual schools in many ways, yet this does not mean that it is a new school in Islam; rather, it conducts an in-depth exploration of genuine Islam. The objective of American-Zionist imperialism has always been to sow dissension and enmity among Muslims to create internecine strife. These conflicts are being staged as a distraction from the Middle East’s malignant tumour, Israel, which is expanding its safety zone beyond the occupied territories in Palestine. However, under the guidance of the late commander, General Haj Qassem Soleimani, the Muslim world was awakened and joined arms to thwart these sinister agendas. “We are today dealing with two threats,” General Soleimani warned during the 2017 World Mosque Day gathering. The first is an inner danger, such as religious sedition, and the second is an outside threat, such as an invasion of the Islamic world. Although terrorist organisations funded by Saudi Arabia plotted against us, Iran emerged in Syria as the most stabling factor. We employed an Islamic approach rather than military force to tackle these seditious challenges. We didn’t draw a line between our interests and Iraq’s when we went to Iraq [to rescue the Iraqis], and we didn’t go looking for oil wells or cities like Mosul or Kirkuk. We do not assist Palestine in line with Shiite ideals, and we avoid any interaction with anybody claiming to be a Shiite [in Palestine], since the great majority of Palestinians are Sunnis, whom we will support. “If the pillars of Islam are undermined in our nation [Iran], the adversaries may easily destroy us,” he remarked, adding that “Islam is what unites the country.” According to General Soleimani, the only way to combat the enemies of the Islamic Ummah was for Muslims to unite. He made a great stride toward the Islamic Ummah’s unity, and he was able to neutralise opponents’ machinations while focusing attention on the Islamic world’s most vital crisis, Palestine, by developing solidarity among Muslim states. Since Israel’s ominous establishment in 1948, every piece of evidence demonstrates that the US has consistently backed Tel Aviv financially and militarily. In addition to occupying Palestinian territories, the Zionist regime is an illegal terrorist entity that has committed many barbaric atrocities in Islamic countries. Haj Qassem was a crucial player in the anti-Zionist resistance movement. He was constantly intimidated and sanctioned by the US and colonial governments for his anti-imperialist activities and resistance to the US’s illegitimate and immoral objectives. Imperialists proposed a money prize for his killing as a consequence. On the other hand, Haj Qassem never abandoned the Palestinians. “During the conflicts [with Israel], Haj Qassem Soleimani visited Gaza and spent the nights with our resistance fighters, and he was disturbed by the severity of the assaults,” said Ziad Nakhaleh, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad organisation. In Palestine, Haj Qassem would join us for morning prayer, praying behind the Sunni Imam. Mr. Nakhaleh explains, “We were battling for Islam while we had our own Madhhab.” Haj Qassem is without a doubt one of the most important people in contemporary Islamic history; his acts shaped the Islamic world’s positive perception of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. “Now, Martyr Soleimani is their example and code name wherever they have a base to battle arrogant forces in the Islamic world,” said Iranian Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei. He was not only the world’s emblem of Islam, but he also spoke out against Islam’s enemies and dedicated his life to fighting imperialists. Finally, he devoted his life to Islam and Muslim countries across the globe to keep the Islamic flag flying high.

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