🟠 America’s Eastern Nightmares Are Coming Into Reality


Ridiculous excuses are being added every day to the long list of phony claims made by the Trump administration for the unlawful and internationally unacceptable assassination of General Qassem Soleimani.
The U.S. government claim that the main reason behind its sudden decision to target one of the most revered military figures in the region was to protect the American people.
A big part of their false narrative is discussed in their mass media conglomerates by his secretary of state and former CIA chief Pompeo, during his extensive network tours, that the world was told that Gen. Soleimani was killed because he posed an “imminent” threat to the coalition troops.
This public narrative was made up to convince Trump’s MAGA cult in particular and the American people in general that though the Democrats have a partisan view of society, Trump as a savior remained dedicated to America’s safety and thus has removed the bad guy from the picture.
The unlawful assassination of General Soleimani has raised serious questions: What was Trump’s real motivation? What drives the man to do the risky and unthinkable?
Despite the nonsensical justification of the claim of the “imminent” threat of attack against American troops that was rejected by the United Nation envoy in the Middle East, Trump himself downplayed the rhetoric by saying that it “doesn’t really matter” whether Soleimani posed an imminent threat.
In other words, as the most powerful person in the world, Donald Trump authorized himself to kill anyone he dims as a threat, regardless of international norms which does not approve the extra-judicial execution of a serving official of any country, no matter whether the person poses an imminent threat.
Curious enough, the claims regarding the real motivation of the attack put forward by the Iraqi officials especially by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi had been largely downplayed or ignored by the western media outlets.
In the statement released by the Iraqi parliament, the emergence of China and the development of strong ties to Baghdad claimed to be a decisive factor in transforming America’s Mideast strategy.
According to some analysts, the timing of Gen. Soleimani’s assassination was directly related to his significant diplomatic capabilities in Iraq and his push to help Iraq secure its oil independence by relying more on Iran and China.
Parts of Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi’s speech pinpointing the U.S.’ pressure on the Iraqi government to block China’s growing influence especially in the oil sector had been cut out in the west. This may be due to much of the US pressure being brought into play on the caretaker government secretly.
Now that Trump’s days are numbered and the Iraqi officials are pulling the drape from Trump’s bullying tactics, mainstream media has no reason to shy away from the truth. The evidence strongly suggests that Trump’s America had failed to contain China and Iran’s heavy influence and presence in Iraq.
The situation gets dimmer for the U.S. upon realizing that both China and Iran are adamant to free Iraq from its American perpetrators. Both countries have different economic and military means to do so which has the potential to disgracefully kick Trump and his army out of the region.
After the assassination, Iraq’s parliament approved to remove American forces along with all foreign troops from its soil. It means the end of the road for America and its allies in the region.
General Soleimani martyrdom, alongside Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and a number of their colleagues on Iraqi soil, is a nightmare that will hunt Trump and America for the rest of history. More importantly, China’s entry into the region and its alliance with the Axis of Resistance will have dark ramifications for America.

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