🟠 Stones and missiles: the short story of the Palestinian struggle to gain military deterrence against the Zionist regime


Stones and missiles: the short story of the Palestinian struggle to gain military deterrence against the Zionist regime

Studying the historical vicissitudes of the Palestinian resistance since its inception, and later the eruption of the Intifada reveals the remarkable military progress made by the Palestinian nation. Once, the only possible method of defence for the Palestinian civilians was to pelt stones at the Israeli occupiers, but not anymore. To the chagrin of hapless Zionists, not only equipped with the best individual combat weapons, the Palestinian Islamic resistance now gained unlimited access to highly advanced missiles.
At the time of the First Intifada– also known as the Stone Intifada– the revolutionary upheaval spared the resistance from one Palestinian village to another, shaking the pillars of the Zionist regime. But the initial revolutionary struggle gave way to treacherous negotiations and ultimately signing of the Oslo Accords. Hence, the voice of a nation was stifled.
Far from being driven to despair, following the First Intifada, the Palestinian resistance factions embarked on manufacturing missiles. Nowadays, the outstanding level of achievements made by the faithful Palestinians in producing advanced missiles forced the Zionist enemy to accept the cease-fire and defeat in every military confrontation with the Palestinian Islamic resistance.
The Israeli regime spent millions of dollars– no doubt at the expense of the American taxpayers– to install the so-called Iron Dome anti-missile system, hoping to intercept the Palestinian missiles, but fortunately with no avail. The emerging ballistic capabilities of the Palestinian Islamic resistance cast a dark and shadow over the future of Israel’s security, resulting in the series of unending resignations among the high-ranking Zionist military and political officials.
The late General Haj Qassem Soleimani visited the occupied territories several times, where he managed to establish cohesive and well-equipped resistance militias out of small, weak, and incongruent groups. Martyr Soleimani personally supervised the arms transfer to the Palestinian resistance and travelled to many countries to facilitate the process of transportation.
With due diligence, Martyr Soleimani accomplished the task; the Palestinian resistance not only obtained missiles with cutting-edge technology but also launched their production line in the Gaza Strip.
It was all due to Martyr Soleimani’s admirable perseverance that the Palestinians were finally became able to defend themselves against the Zionist incursions and even retaliate their vicious attacks by targeting the illegal settlements within Occupied Palestine [Israel].
The dramatic evolution on the part of the Palestine resistance’s military capabilities demolished the myth of the Israeli invincible military might, which in fact had some tinge of reality as the Zionists managed to defeat three Arab armies within only six fays in 1967. Amid the inability of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket system, the Palestinian resistance in every single conflict with the Israeli enemy had the upper hand and could rain the Zionist settlers with deadly missiles.

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