🟠 Rain Prayer

Rain Prayer

We were having dinner on the outskirts of Khor Abdullah. Haj Qasim came together with his Persian brother. We were informed from the base to equip the forces for the next day’s operation; the enemy intends to chemically bomb the area. Haj Qasim gave the necessary warnings and told the children to pray for the rain to fall now, it will rain tomorrow and the enemy planes will not be able to fly.

An hour later, the sound of children praying lit up the line. The prayer was not over yet, we could feel the clear raindrops on our faces.

Haj Qasim while the dew of his eyelashes was mixed with the drizzle of the rain. Said: God, which prayer of the mystic Basij was answered?!

Source: The book of following the Ashuras

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One thought on “🟠 Rain Prayer

  1. JazakaAllah for sharing these beautiful memories 🙏💌