🟠 Qassem Soleimani, the eastern Ernesto Che Guevara



Since its inception, the nascent Islamic polity in Iran created such a formidable force that dramatically changed the entire political perspective in the Middle-East by scuttling the US nefarious agendas.
The 1979 revolution in Iran was considered a unique political phenomenon as it did not conform to the world’s political currents, neither in its nature nor in its goals. Its emphasis on ideals such as supporting the oppressed masses and the liberation of the occupied al-Quds; made the Iranian revolution a beacon of hope and justice amid the dark clouds on the horizon of the 1970s.
One can elicit from the United States’ disastrous debacles in Iran, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Syria that the American infamous empire is in decline.
Today, the unfolding developments in the international arena clearly demonstrate the fact that we entered a new era where the man is no longer satisfied with the so-called enlightenment ideas of 17th and 18th centuries, such as liberalism and liberal democracy. Indeed, the mankind needs to establish a new order of life: a political order which brings a drastic and profound change in the relationship between governments and societies and guarantees that freedom, social justice and public interest take precedence over personal gains. There is no doubt that the lofty teachings of General Qassem Soleimani can realize such a utopian society. Gen. Soleimani’s ideas stem from the pure springs of Islamic thoughts of the late Imam Khomeini [PBHU] whom Haj Qassem was a true disciple. The Islamic revolution in Iran was a mass movement immersed in the spiritual and religious zeal of Islam. It was able to become a worldwide revolution with worldwide goals that shook the thrones of the dictators. As the commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force and one of the commanders of the Resistance Front, Martyr Soleimani helped to launch a global movement in the region that thwarted plethora of the US plots. He led large-scale military operations, liberating large swathes of territory from the yoke of ISIS and its American masters. He played an indelible role by pioneering the establishment of multi-national armies that were designed to defend the oppressed masses in the region. In the making of history, even the legendary Che Guevara could not achieve what General Soleimani accomplished during his tenure. One of the most salient achievements of Martyr Soleimani was his promotion of the military self-sufficiency and empowerment of the Resistance Front in the region. Haj Qassem considered himself a mere soldier of faith. He was indeed the founder of unity and solidarity among nations and adherents of different religions across the world. It should be noted that the thought, worldview and strategy of Martyr Soleimani are not limited to a specific geographical area. His path shall continue.

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