🟠 His red line was values and Wilayat-e-Faqih

His red line was values and Wilayat-e-Faqih

If anyone was adamant about the principles. He must have dealt with him. If someone spoke in a meeting against the Imam and the Leader, he would not tolerate it at all; let me share a memory in this regard. Hajj Qasim was very patient despite a lot of work pressure. Mr. Razm Hosseini was the governor of Khorasan. From the time of the war, he was the deputy of Lashkar-e-Sarollah (AS). A few months before his martyrdom, I saw him say: Haji: You are very patient. “You have a very strange patience.” Haj Qasim said: “150 mothers of martyrs pray for me every day.” Of course, hundreds of thousands of people prayed and praying for him. However, someone who had such patience, when he saw that values ​​were being insulted, reacted quickly; whether in meetings or elsewhere; His red line was the Wilayat e Faqeeh, he did not allow anyone to enter his privacy and insult him. We were in a meeting of two people; I asked Haj Qasim how much devotion do you have towards one of the officials? He told me: I do not compare anyone with my Leader. The distance of such and such a responsible person from the Leader is from the ground to the sky. I have seen things from the Leader that I cannot move behind him.

Narrator: Ali Shirazi

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