🟠 Haj Qasim said, “I will not take photo with you

Haj Qasim said, "I will not take photo with you

We were leaving the barracks when I noticed Haji coming out of the headquarters. We had a camera with us. There were three of us, I, martyr Arabnejad and martyr Javad Zadkhosh. Javad approached Haj Qasim, who was aware of Javad’s humourous nature, when he saw Javad he responded with a smile: “I do not have time to take pictures with you.” Javad without a moment pause replied: “Haji , we did not want to take a photo with you. “We wanted to hand over camera to you to take a picture of us.” And immediately handed the camera to the commander of the division. Haj Qasim laughed so much and couldn’t help it, still he managed to take a perfect photo of us.
Narrator: Hassan Mansouri, a fighter of the 41st Sarollah Division in Kerman.

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