🟠 After my husband’s martyrdom, he owed a great deal of money.

After my husband's martyrdom, he owed a great deal of money.

I participated in one of the programs that I knew Haj Qasem was also participating in, so that I could just approach him and talk to him about the problem.

I also wrote a letter and took it with me. Despite all the difficulties, I attended the ceremony. When I saw Haji, I approached him, but his bodyguard did not allow me to reach him. Haj Qasim, who witnessed the bodyguard treating me, sided him and he himself came and took the letter from me.

The onslaught of the crowd pushed me back. I could not talk to him. I came home disappointed and tired. All the way back I cried because I missed the best opportunity.

That night at 22:30 the house phone rang, I picked it up. A voice behind the line said, “My daughter, I could not talk to you today. I am Qasim, Qasim Soleimani.”

I was shocked and surprised so I hung up out of my feelings, but he called again, laughed and said, “Come to this address tomorrow. I will organize a meeting to see you”

The next day I went to that address with my little girl who was three years old.

I met Haji and told him about my problems, that I was in debt and I had to take my daughter’s earrings off and sell them. While I was telling this story, I noticed Haj Qasim’s sad face, his eyes filled with tears. “I wish you had not done so. We have once in history tasted the bitter taste of earrings being snatched from a three-year-old child … I wish you had not done so,” he said.

His face was wet with tears. “Give me the bank card,” he told Hossein Pourjafari.

He handed me the card and said, “Go and pay your spouse’s debt with this card.”

Narrator: Wife of one of the martyrs of the Fatimid army.

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