🟠 Achievements of General Ismail Qaani in the region


Achievements of General Ismail Qaani in the region


There are few clear achievements of the General Ismail Qaani, the new commander of the Quds Force. Years of hidden presence in the Quds Force on the cross-border missions, and years of distancing from media, even after taking command of the Quds Force, make it extremely difficult to judge his achievements.

The main question is what are the achievements of General Ismail Qaani after he took the leadership of the Quds Force after a year from Soleimani’s martyrdom?

The Iraqi file:

The appointment of an obscure security figure as prime minister in Iraq highlighted the ghostly and the hidden behavior of General Qaani in one of his main cases against the United States. As the focus shifts to the security and military pressures of the anti-American resistance in Iraq, the process of expelling the United States from Baghdad has entered an interesting semi-secret political phase. A process that makes Qaani’s achievements more visible to US security officers. It seems that in the hidden political class in Iraq, the basic issue of determining the date of expulsion of the United States is gradually occurring which is the main issue for the Quds Force and its new commander after Soleimani’s martyrdom.

The Yemeni file:

There were major military operations in the post-Soleimani era in Yemen. The great military victories were so important and strategic made the Saudi side called for a ceasefire and negotiation with Ansar Allah several times, but faced unprecedented opposition from the resistance so far. After recent victories, Ansar Allah drawing and establishing very important preconditions for starting political negotiations with the Saudi government. What is hidden in Yemen is more than in Iraq because these great military victories in Yemen took place during this short period of Qaani’s leadership.

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